Faith, Reason and Earth History

Leonard Brand Andrews University Press 1997

Ó 1999, Art Chadwick

Leonard has been a frequent contributor to origins and his writings are well known. In this monumental work Leonard sets a high standard for subsequent authors of works dealing with origins. Dr. Brand chooses the term "interventionist" to depict the views of those who believe God may at times involve Himself in human history Interventionists are capable of, and do carry out solid scientific studies. Non-interventionists or naturalists are scientists who choose to disregard that God exists, or that He interferes in any way with the laws of nature as they are currently understood. Brand sets the stage for a healthy and respectful dialog with naturalists and establishes a basis for mutual respect much needed in the academic community. The first several chapters develop a mature philosophical platform for these views. Brand goes on from there to propose an outline of earth history, including a global catastrophic model for development of much of the fossil record. Although his thoughts on the models are certainly not the last word, he is nevertheless to be commended for his heroic effort. His writing style is lucid, he uses frequent illustrations to develop his points, and he covers topics that should be of interest to all students of science. I recommend this highly.