human population multiplying

the world bellowed like a bull

divine investigating mankind

a great god and many other gods

unhappiness at man's condition

anger --man's noise keeps gods awake

decision to bring a flood

intent to wipe out mankind entirely

one man warned

warning given against great god's will

the man told to build a boat

words whispered to his reed house

boat measurements given

a square measure -- as wide as long

seed of land animals to be on board

seed of all living creatures

the man obeying the warning

told to say it would rain a rich harvest

boat built and pitched

built in seven days, with feasting

many cubits long

120 cubits square

several decks

6 decks below, divided into 9 sections

living things came aboard

also gold and other supplies

his family came aboard

also other kin and all the craftsmen

he came aboard

he boarded after the rain started

the storm was terrible

the gods of the storm rode on

the land was affected

the land was smashed like a cup

the people were overcome

they could not be seen from heaven

the flood overwhelmed the world

the gods were terrified, and cowered

Ishtar lamented over the dead people

the great gods of heaven and hell wept

the storm raged for many days

the flood was stilled the seventh day

the sea streched flat on every side

a mountain appeared 14 leagues away

the boat grounded and held fast

on the mountain of Nissir

he opened a hatch

the same day

he released a few birds

he waited only 7 days

a raven and a dove

also a swallow

at intervals

all in one day

the raven did not return

it was the last bird sent out

dove found no resting place, returned

he sent her out first, and not again

the bird saw the waters had retreated

the raven (not the dove)

he opened all the boat coverings

that same day

he made a sacrificed on the mountain

he set up 14 cauldrons on stands

Divinity smelled the sweet aroma

the gods came like flies and swarmed over the sacrifice but Ishtar kept the great god away

Divinity promised to remember

Ishtar said she'd remember this day

by a colorful crescent

by the blue jewels around her neck


the gods rebuked the great god

the man survived the flood

the great god gave him immortality


Karen also formulated it as a project for teens:


1. Read Genesis 6-9 and fill in the references to the events.

[supplied on this copy]

2. In the spaces, write in Biblical features

that were left out in Gilgamesh.

3. What kinds of things were left out in the Babylonian story?

The human population was multiplying.

Gen. 6:1-4

A divine investigation of mankind


brought unhappiness at man's condition


and a decision to bring a flood.


One man was warned.


The man was told to build a boat,


and boat measurements were given.


Seed of animals was to be taken on board.


The man obeyed the warning.


The boat was built and pitched.


It was many cubits long,


with several decks.


Living things came aboard,

7:1-5, 6-9, 13-15

and he and his family came aboard.

:7, 13

The storm was terrible.


The land was destroyed by the flood.


All life on earth was overcome.




The flood overwhelmed the world.


The storm raged for a certain number of days.

:24, 8:1-3

The water surface extended out on every side. 8:5-9


The boat grounded and held fast.


He opened a hatch,


and he released a raven and a dove,


at intervals.


The raven stayed out.


The dove, finding no resting place, returned.


By them he knew when the waters had retreated.


He opened all the boat coverings.



He made a sacrificed on the mountain.


Divinity smelled the aroma, and responded.


and promised to remember,


by a colorful crescent...


The man, and the others with him,

:18; 8:16,18

and the animals, survived the flood.




Ó 2010 Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D.