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Either God has been involved in the history of the earth, or He has not. If He has, then there must be some things in earth history that will not be comprehensible without resorting to extrascientific sources, such as the Bible. A purely naturalistic view of the world will not yield a correct understanding of these events otherwise.

If God has done nothing extranaturalistic or supernaturalistic in the history of the world, then we have a lot of explaining to do both for those things for which pure naturalism fails miserably (such as the origin of life, and the origin of complexity and information) and for those claims of Christianity that God has, does and will intervene in history.

Those who want to avoid having God do anything, must be willing to make a huge faith committment to Naturalism. They must choose between pursuing truth, wherever it may lead, and having a logical positivist explanation for everything.

There are areas where we can deduce things on our own and do reproducible experiments and these are the areas where science is strongest. Then there are areas where we have to try to explain phenomena which we can only speculate about and try to think of all possible explanations and try to choose from among these the one or ones that seem to us to make the most sense, and this is where science is weakest, and where we would expect God, if it was important, to shed light on the subject. In fact I think there are areas like the history of the earth where the only way we can know what happened for certain is by depending on His word to illuminate our feeble minds.

______________________________________________________ Ó 2010 Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D.