The Geologic Record

Can Creationists do scientific research?
Can you give specific examples of cases in which the Creationist or Interventionist approach has been applied to some problem in geology?
What has the study of the Coconino Sandstone revealed?
How do you know the sandstone was not formed from desert dunes, as most geologists believe?
What about the amount of time required to cool molten rock? Doesn't this present a problem for a short chronology for life on earth?
Aren't the presence of large crystals in an igneous rock, such as granite indicative of slow cooling rates?
The Green River Shale consists of millions of thin laminae.Do these represent true annual varves, and do they show sunspot cycles and other cyclical episodes such as Milankovitch cycles?
What do you think about the theory of plate tectonics?
How long is an epoch time period in the geologic column?
Does the presence of fossilized mudcracks in the geologic column prove difficult to explain on the basis of a "flood model" geology?
Is it true that many layers of sediment show complete destruction of sedimentary structure by burrowing [implying slow accumulation and much time]?

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