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The number of practicing Interventionists is not large. But there are some remarkable results nonetheless. Dr. Leonard Brand has spent years studying the Coconino Sandstone, and its vertebrate ichnofossils (trackways). His work has lead him to conclude that the Coconino Sandstone was not deposited as desert dunes, but as submarine current-driven sand. His work has been widely recognized (one of his papers was republished in Benchmark Papers in Geology) and frequently cited. Dr. Arthur Chadwick has studied (along with Dr. Elaine Kennedy and others), the depositional history of the Tapeats Sandstone. Field evidence has led him to the conclusions that the Tapeats was deposited under high energy conditions in deep water, rather than as the deposit of a transgressing sea over millions of years. Dr.Harold Coffin, along with Drs.Art Chadwick, Mike Arct, Lanny Fisk, Phil Debord, and Tetsuya Yamamoto and many others, have worked on the Yellowstone Fossil Forests. As a result of their work, the National Park Service has modified their explanation of the fossil trees. Dr. Nahor Souza has investigated the eruption and distribution of flood Basalts, and has concluded that these massive outpourings of molten rock occurred in rapid succession in the Parana region of Brazil. Other examples could be given.

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