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A creation/flood model predicts that the preflood biosphere had more total carbon (much richer flora and fauna, now seen as fossils) than in the biosphere today, but not much more C-14 (and possibly less), so that the C-14/C ratio would be lower than at present in preflood life and therefore in fossils. If the carbon now in coal, oil, and fossil limestone was in C-14 equilibrium preflood, this would make the preflood C-14/C ratio very low (roughly 1/200th of today's ratio). The fossils would have very little C-14 not because of a very long timeperiod of C-14 decay, but because of this low initial ratio. They would therefore give falsely "old" C-14 dates, but they would give dates, where none would be expected in the long-ages models.


Ó 2010 Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D.