Qualifications and Experience

Ray Kablanow, Ph.D.

Geology, Geochemistry


Ph.D, Geology;1986;University of Wyoming - Laramie, Wyoming

Dissertation: "Influence of the thermal history and depositional environment on diagenesis and hydrocarbon maturation in the Monterey Formation - Huasna, Pismo, and Salinas Basins, California."

M.S. Geology 1983 University of Wyoming - Laramie, Wyoming

Thesis: "Diagenesis and hydrocarbon generation in the Monterey Formation, Huasna Basin, California."

M.A. Biology 1976 Pacific Union College - Angwin, California

Thesis: "A study of a fish mass mortality in the Laney Member of the Green River Formation of Southwestern Wyoming."

B.S. Biology 1975 Loma Linda University - Riverside, California


Certified Hydrogeologist in California (License No. 442)

Registered Geologist in California (License No. 5234)

Registered Environmental Assessor in California (License No. 901)

Registered Geologist in Idaho (License No. 705)

Registered Geologist in Oregon (License No. G1248)

Registered Geologist in Wyoming (License No. PG-1447)

Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada (License No. 374)


Vice President

Responsibilities have included: Project coordination and supervision as registered geologist and registered environmental assessor; performance of site characterization (Remedial Investigation) and Remedial Action programs on various types of soil and groundwater contaminating chemicals in a variety of geologic settings in California; Environmental Assessments for Property Transactions; groundwater availability studies; waste discharge requirement compliance monitoring and reporting; technical marketing; technical development and quality control management for GTI.

Geological technics inc. - Modesto, California 1987 to Present

Senior Geologist

Senior geologist for an environmental services company. Responsibilities included: Supervision of both soil and groundwater investigations and soil and groundwater remediation projects in the Central Valley of California.

CALIFORNIA GEOLOGICAL - Modesto, California 1986 to 1987

Consultant (selected projects)

Literature search of basins containing coarse clastic sediments along active margins.

UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING, Dept. of Geology/Geophysics Summer 1986

Mineralogic studies on zeolites, talc, and clay bearing sedimentary rocks for various mineral companies.


Reservoir rock analysis (including diagenesis and organic maturation of the Monterey Formation).



April 1998 Environmental Compliance Auditing

Hazmacon 98

September 1997 Natural Attenuation for Remediation of Contaminated Sites


September 1996 RBCA: ASTM - EESI and Rice University

September 1996 Probability Statistics and Geostatistics for Environmental Professional


August 1996 IBM - PC Application in Risk Assessment, Remediation and Modeling


June 1996 Risk and Decision Making at Petroleum Impacted Sites

UC Extension

May 1995 SESOIL Fate & Transportation Modeling for Evaluating Environmental Risk - NGWA

October 1993 Designing Subsurface Gas Extraction & Control Systems

University of Wisconsin - Extension

June 1993 The Science & Art of Expert Testimony

University of California, Davis - Extension

May 1993 Proving the Technical Case: Soil & Groundwater Contamination Litigation

University of Wisconsin - Extension

January 1993 Risk Assessment for the Environmental Professional

National Ground Water Association

July 1992 Certified Environmental Manager - Workshop

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

March 1992 Effective Project Management


February 1992 Vadose Zone Monitoring

National Ground Water Association

November 1991 Municipal Landfills and Groundwater Quality

University of California, Davis - Extension

Summer 1991 Certificate Course in Environmental Auditing

University of California, Davis - Extension

Spring 1991 Dale Carnegie Management Seminar

Dale Carnegie and Associates, Inc.

November 1990 Comprehensive Approach to the Development and Protection of Groundwater Supplies National Ground Water Association

April 1989 Applied Bioremedial Technology

Hazmacon 1989

March 1989 Liability Hazardous Waste and Real Estate

University of California, Davis - Extension

September 1988 Underground Storage Tank Monitoring

EPA Short Course - San Francisco, California

Fall 1987 Ground Water Hydrology

University of California, Berkeley - Extension


August 1995 Overview of California Hydrogeology - GRA & Reg. Rev

December 1991 Water Quality and Management - Environmental Conference for California Food Processors, Management's Responsibilities of the 90's

University of California, Davis - Extension

May 1992 Hydropunch Sampling Techniques for Multi-level sampling of an unconfined Alluvial Aquifer-Central Valley, California: A case study

NGWA 6th Annual Outdoor Action Conference, Las Vegas Nevada


American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers, division of National Ground Water Association

American Society of Testing Materials [ASTM; member of committee for establishing standard

practice on Rock and Water (D-18.21) and on Environmental Assessment (E-50.02)

American Water Resources Association

Geological Society of America


Kablanow II, R.I., Surdam, R.C. and Heasler, H.P., Silica Diagenesis in the Monterey Formation: controls and applications: in preparation.

Kennedy, E., R. Kablanow, and A. V. Chadwick. Evidence for the deep water deposition of the Tapeats Sandstone, Grand Canyon, Arizona. in van Riper, C. III and E. T. Deschler, editors. 1997. Proceedings of the Third Biennial Conference of Research on the Colorado Plateau. National Park Service Transactions and Proceedings Series NPS/NRNAU/NRTP-97/12, 1997. .

Kablanow II, R.I., Surdam, R.C. and Heasler, H.P., Influence of thermal and depositional histories on inorganic diagenesis and hydrocarbon generation in the Monterey Formation: in preparation.

Surdam, R.C., Prezbindowski, D., and Kablanow II, R.I., 1984, Solution porosity in the dolomites in the calcareous-phosphatic facies of the Monterey Formation, Pismo Basin, California: in Pacific Section, SEPM, Dolomites of the Monterey Formation and Other Organic-Rich Sediments.