Qualifications and Experience

Darryl P. Maddox, M.S..

Geology, Geophysics


B.S. Geology, 1973 West Texas State University (Now - West Texas A&M University)

M.S. Physics 1977 West Texas State University (Now - West Texas A&M University)

Thesis Title: A New Method of Paleocurrent Direction Determination using Reflected Light.

Patent: 4,306,810: Apparatuses and Method for Paleocurrent Direction Determination Using Reflected Light.

Geological Experience:

Hard rock geology: worked in 1974-1975 base metal exploration in the Big Bend area of South Texas and uranium mine development in the Urivan Mineral Belt of Colorado.

Geophysics: 1979-1982, worked as a seismic interpreter in petroleum exploration of the Anadarko Basin of western Oklahoma.

Petroleum Geology: 1982-1986, worked in petroleum exploration and field development in the Frio trend of the Texas Gulf Coast.

Currently: Sole Proprietor of: Natural Resource Development Co. which develops oil and gas drilling prospects along the Texas Gulf Coast

Teaching Experience:

1986-1996: Instructor of physical science at Texas State Technical Institute in Amarillo Texas

1996-present: Instructor of geology and physics at Amarillo College, Amarillo Texas.

Current Interests outside of my teaching assignments:

Developing oil and gas drilling prospects;

Determining the environment of deposition and extent of the "sugar sand" which lies between top of the Tecovas formation and the base of the Trujillio formation;

Developing a photographic catalog of the sedimentary structures of the Quartermaster Formation of the Texas Panhandle;

Cataloging and analyzing the principle earth science related arguments of the Evolution/Creation debate;

Developing a community service course called "Logic, Geology, and Genesis" which will include an introduction to logic, the principle earth science arguments of the Evolution/Creation debate and the principles of sedimentary geology as they apply to these arguments and to this problem.

Developing a new freshman/sophomore level college course called "Logical Analysis of Current Issues" which will give the students the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of logic and then to analyze published arguments relating to current issues of local, state, or national importance.