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Moorad Alexanian (Click for full C.V.)

Ph.D. Indiana University 1964

Theoretical Physics

General Interests

Throughout my scientific career I have followed the rule of learning and contributing at the same time. The Lord has blessed me with ideas that I have been able to carry out. Besides my teaching and research, I enjoy studies that integrate all sorts of knowledge, in particular, my Christian Faith and science. I am also a C-SPAN junkie and have written many letters to editors in both local and national newspapers regarding the political scene, the Armenian Genocide, and the evolution/creation debate.


Current Research

In the past few years I have collaborated with colleagues from the University of Central Florida in the area of quantum optics. There are many optical phenomena that can be studied by two or three level atomic models. We have development a theory for two-photon processes with the aid of a unitary transformation that reduces the dynamics of a three-level atom to that of a two-level atom. We have studied two-photon micromasers, trapped states, creation of a single Fock state (number state), selective population transfer of atoms and, most recently, two-photon absorption, two-photon emission, and disentanglement.

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Photo:Moorad and his wife, Mary in New York City (left). Daughters Sona (left), and Mariam and son Aram.

Selected Publications

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