Who Are We?

William Shea

William H. Shea (Click for full C.V.)

Ph.D. University of Michigan 1976


General Interests


Current Research

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Photo:Ray Kablanow examines the Tapeats near the south corner of Tapeats Embayment, Grand Canyon, AZ

Selected Publications

Books and Monographs

1996 Daniel 7-12: Prophecies of the End Time. Boise, ID: Pacific Press.

1996 Daniel 1-7: Prophecy as History. Boise, ID: Pacific Press.

1991 The Sabbath in Jewish and Christian Tradition, eds. T. C. Eskenazi, D. J. Harrington, and W. H. Shea. New York: Crossroad.

1982 Selected Studies on Prophetic Interpretation. Washington, DC: Review and Herald.

1976 "Famines in the Early History of Egypt and Syro-Palestine." Dissertation, University of Michigan.


1997 The Flood: Just a Local Catastrophe? Dialogue 9.1: 10-13.

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1992 The Burial of Jacob: A New Correlation Between Genesis 50 and an Egyptian Inscription. Archaeology and Biblical Research 5: 33-45.

1991 The Dedication on the Nora Stone. Vetus Testamentum 41:241-245.

1991 Ancient Ostracon Records Ark's Wanderings. Ministry 64 (July): 11-14.

1991 The Antediluvians. Origins 18: 10-26.

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1981 The Ark-Shaped Formation in the Tendurek Mountains of Eastern Turkey. Origins 8: 77-92.

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1978 The Unity of the Creation Account. Origins 5: 9-38.