Qualifications and Experience

Lee A. Spencer, Ph. D.

Vertebrate Paleontology


1987 Ph.D., Paleobiology, Loma Linda University

1984 M.S., Geology, Loma Linda University

1980 B.S., Paleobiology, University of California, Riverside


1995-Date: Vertebrate Paleontologist, Earth History Research Center, Inc. Duties: Started and established funding for a new institution at Southwestern Adventist University. Procured equipment, defined and managed programs. Taught courses in paleontology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, research methods, etc. See web site at http://origins.swau.edu/

1998-Date: Administrative Support Analyst, Bear Creek Corporation, Medford, OR. Duties: Collect and archive data on corporate processes and areas of financial concern, create and maintain databases, design and implement analytical processes, produce reports on analyses, make recommendations for procedural and fiscal improvement and assist in corporate effectiveness, planning and management efforts.

1995-1998: Project Manager, CQI, Inc., Ft. Worth, TX. Duties: Designed and conducted investigations on corporate processes and areas of financial concern, created and/or updated databases, conducted statistical analyses, and provided liaison between clients, physicians and regulatory managers. Managed projects including budget and personnel. Wrote proposals for investigating financial improvement of medical practice processes.

1993-1995: Chief Executive Officer, PaleoResource Management, Jacksonville, OR. Duties: Business manager, obtained and managed environmental compliance contracts; managed projects including time and budget tracking; managed personnel; met regional, state, and federal requirements on behalf of clients; coordinated activities with numerous regulatory agencies.

1992-1993: Paleontological Resource Program Manager, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake City, UT. Duties: Defined management criteria and wrote proposed management guidelines for natural resources on Federally owned lands in the state of Utah; made recommendations on contract terms; issued use permits; conducted training classes. Reviewed EIS proposals and final reports for compliance requirements.

1991-1992: Project Manager, Paleo Environmental Associates, Altadena, CA. Duties: Managed paleontological resource consulting program to salvage and report on fossils encountered during construction projects. Represented clients to regulatory agencies. Managed budgets, personnel, and equipment purchases, including all computer hardware and software procurement.

1989-1990: Senior Paleontologist, BioSystems Analysis, Santa Cruz, CA. Duties: Managed paleontological resource consulting program to salvage and report on fossils encountered during construction projects.


In Prep: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy: Evolution, Science and Faith.

In Prep: Historical Geology of North America, A Neo-Diluvial Approach.

In Press: Maastrichtian sauropod eggshell from the Rio Negro Provence, Argentina: depositional environment and description of specimens. Paleontologica Electronica.

2001 ____, L. Turner and A.V. Chadwick. A remarkable vertebrate assemblage from the Lance Formation, Niobrara County, Wyoming. Geological Society of America. Abstracts with Program 33:A407.

2001 ____ and E. Kennedy. Potentially false interpretations of dinosaur nests and nesting, with an example from the Allen Formation, Patagonia, Argentina. PaleoBios, 21, Supplement to Number 2:119

2000. Turner, L. E., A. V. Chadwick, and ____.High resolution GPS mapping in a vertebrate taphonomic quarry. Geological Society of America. Abstracts with Program 32:A499.

1995 Kennedy, E. and ____. An unusual occurrence of dinosaur eggshell fragments in a storm surge deposit, Lamargue Group Patagonia, Argentina. Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, A-318 55(5):1123 - 1136.

1981. Archeogastropoda from the Pliocene Imperial Formation of California. Journal of Paleontology 55(5):1123 - 1136.


1994. Paleontologic resource impact mitigation on the PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project, final report. Volume I, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, 123 p. Volume II, California, 72 p. Volume III, Confidential Locality Maps, 55p.

1993. Draft paleontologic resource management regulations for the state of Utah, 125 p.

1992. Paleontologic resource assessment/mitigation plan, PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project, Volume I, PGT section, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, 61 p. Volume II, PG&E section, California, 74 p.

1991. Preliminary evaluation of paleontologic resource management programs: Mojave and Kern River natural gas pipelines, 29 p. Done for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

1991. Proposal to conduct paleontologic resource assessment/impact mitigation program, PGT-PG&E Pipeline Expansion Project. Volume I, Technical proposal, 74 p. Volume II, Cost proposal, 29p. Volume III, Appendices.

1990. Paleontologic resources assessment, Oryx Energy Company Electrical Transmission Line, 27 p.

1990. Paleontologic resource assessment, Salinas River Cogeneration Project, Monterey County, California, 74 p.

1990. Paleontologic resource assessment, Sargent Canyon Cogeneration Project, Monterey County, California, 83 p.

1989. Paleontologic resource assessment, Midway-Sunset Cogeneration Project Natural Gas Pipeline, 128 p.


1987. National Dean’s List

1986. Nominated to Who’s Who Among American Colleges & Universities

1985. Yeager Biology Scholarship