Who Are We?

David Tyler

David Tyler, Ph. D. (Click for full C.V.)

Ph.D. University of Manchester 1990

Geology and Origins

General Interests

David Tyler has a background in the physical sciences with a BSc in Physics from Southampton University (1968) and an MSc in physics, by research, from Loughborough University (1972). He gained a PhD in the area of management science from the University of Manchester (1990)


Current Research

Current research interests relate to teamworking in product development and the optimisation of performance of textile/apparel supply chains. He is a Senior Lecturer, a Member of The Textile Institute and a Member of the Institute of Physics. In 1995, he was awarded the Golden Medal by The Textile Institute.

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Photo:Ray Kablanow examines the Tapeats near the south corner of Tapeats Embayment, Grand Canyon, AZ

Selected Publications

He has written over 30 articles that seek to develop a Christian perspective of origins.