Qualifications and Experience

Lloyd A. Willis, Ph.D.



1982 Ph.D., Andrews University

1965 M.A., Andrews University

1961 B.A. Theology, Pacific Union College (Avondale College Campus)


Present: Chairman, Religion Department Southwestern Adventist University Keene, Texas

1989 Professor of Religion, Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas

1994, 1996 Area Supervisor and Chaplain, Madaba Plains Excavations, Tel el-Umeiri,Jordan.

1984, 1987, 1992, 1998 Square Supervisor and Chaplain, Madaba Plains Excavations, Tel el-Umeiri, Jordan

2000 Participation in dinosaur excavations with SWAU Geology Project.

1968 Ordination to Gospel Ministry, Mussoorie, India

1964-1989 Teaching in India: Vincent Hill School (1964-1969) and Spicer Memorial College (1970-1989).Participant and team contributor in Schools of evangelism conducted by Spicer Memorial College in Calcutta and Madras.

1961-1963 Church Pastor and Evangelistic Team member, South Australia, Australia


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Book Review of Exodus, by H. L. Ellison in AUSS 23 (1985):206.

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Ph.D. Dissertation: "Usage of Archaeological Data in North American Seventh-Day Adventist Literature, 1937-1980", Andrews University, Berrien Springs,Michigan, 1982.

MA Project:"Contrast in the Reactions of Methodism and Adventism to Darwinism and the Effect on Their Theology",Andrews University, School of Graduate Studies, 1970.


American School of Oriental Research

Israel Exploration Society

Horn Archaeological Museum

Biblical Archaeological Society