Research Funding

One of the goals of the Earth History Research Center is to sponsor specific research projects designed to further our understanding of the past history of the earth in the context of the Biblical model. As funds become available, these projects are supported and the progress and results of this research are posted on the web site. Proposals for research projects are posted to the Proposals section. Progress reports are posted under the Research heading, and the final reports are posted to the Technical Reports section under the appropriate category.

We are presently seeking support for specific projects, as well as for a general endowment fund that can be used to sponsor future research projects. The Earth History Research Center is made up entirely of researchers who derive their principal income elsewhere. The overhead for the organization is met through other means. All funds given to support research activity are used to directly support research. If you would like to participate by contributing support either to specific research projects, or to the research endowment fund, or if you would like more information, please contact us. We are registered as a Non-Profit Organization in the United States.

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