Questions about Fossils

What can you say about the earliest forms of life preserved as fossils?
What are the first fossils that are clearly metazoan?
Are there "transitional" fossils in the fossil record?
I was once told by an evolutionist that the reason evolution is not obvious in the fossils is because the fossil record is incomplete. Is this true?
Is it possible for all the coal and oil preserved in the fossil record to have been produced in one year?
Don't the presence of fossilized upright trees with roots show that the layers of rock accumulated over a long period of time?
What is your opinion about the relationship between dinosaurs and birds?
With the recent find of dinosaur eggs in South America, wouldn't that make this site a pre-flood surface geologic layer? And if it is, then there should be no geologic layers below it with fossils. Can this premise be shown to be true for all dinosuar egg locations?
Unidentified Devonian fan-shaped leaves with dichotomizing veins have been found too low in the fossil record to be angiosperm or Gingko leaves. What do you think about these?
What is the current state of our understanding of the Cambrian "Biological Explosion"?
Assuming a large number of humans existed before the Flood, why do we not encounter human fossils and artifacts along with those of dinosaurs etc.?
I was just wondering how long does it take to find a fossil thats really old and thats buried under the earth, in ice,tree sap, tar pits, etc..Also how do you get the really old things out without it crumpling up or falling apart?
Were there dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?
Aren't coral reefs like Eniwetok evidence against a short history for life on the earth? Don't coral reefs require many thousands of years to grow?
What does the fossil record reveal about the origin of fish? Does this favor the creation position or the evolutionist position?
Do any contemporary paleontologists acknowledge the problems with Darwinian evolution and the fossil record? Ó 2010 Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D.