Who Are We?

Paul Giem

Paul Giem, M.D. (Click for full C.V.)

M.D. Loma Linda University 1977

Radiometric Dating Methods, Geochronology

General Interests

Paul Giem's interests include (among other things) emergency medicine, medical research in senile dementia, genetics, paleography, the relationship between science and religion, theology, classical and religious music, barbershop quartet, hiking, racquetball, his wife, and 5 children, not necessarily in that order.


Current Research

Paul is currently working on the following projects: Carbon-14 dating of bones from Nineveh; Carbon-14 dating of a log from the Crater Lake area; Carbon-14 dating of carbon that should be "dead" according to evolutionary theory; Uranium disequilibrium dating of paleozoic coral.

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Photo:Ray Kablanow examines the Tapeats near the south corner of Tapeats Embayment, Grand Canyon, AZ

Selected Publications

Paul Giem. Scientific Theology. Riverside, CA: La Sierra University Press, 1997