Who Are We?

Mitch Menzmer

Mitchell D. Menzmer (Click for full C.V.)

Ph.D. Clarkson University, 1989

Terrestrial Impact Cratering and Biblical Catastrophism

General Interests

Mitch Menzmer's interests include development and implementation of novel pedagogies for college chemistry curricula including digital media presentation and web-based learning, history of chemistry, Biblical model of Earth history, integration of radiometric and stratigraphic dataing, and astronomy. Other interests include gardening, guitar, piano, painting and drawing, and homeschooling son Austin with wife Susan.

Current Research

Mitch is currently working on the development of a method for estimating the expected impact cratering record on the Atlantic seafloor based on the known continental impact record and standard model of continental drift.

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Photo: Northeast rim of Meteor Crater, near Winslow, AZ