Qualifications and Experience

Colin Ware Mitchell, Ph.D.

Geomorphology, Geology of Soils


1970 Ph.D., Cambridge University

1956 Certificate in Soil Science Aberdeen

1952 MCD Liverpool

1952 M.A., Geography, Oxford

B.A. Oxford

Undergraduate work Harvard.


44 years experience as a soil scientist and land evaluation specialist with 30 years of experience in the use of remote sensing. Work has often been associated with hydrological surveys for irrigation development and land conservation studies. Several months experience in specialized hydrological and erosion surveys. This has involved acting as a specialist consultant about 25 times, including, apart from time in the UK, long term assignments in Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Italy, and Morocco, and short-term assignments in 12 other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

22 years of the above period was spent in university teaching and research.

4 years of the above period was spent in project management and 2 months in an appraisal of national policy (Ethiopia).

April 1998 Represented British National Space Centre on the Drought Hazard at meeting on Hazard Stategies as part of the international Committee for Earth Observation Satellites programme, called Integrated Global Observation Strategy (CEOS/IGOS), in Washington DC

August 1996- Present. Employed by Goldwell Farm, Biddenden, Kent, on assessment of satellite photography in connection with claim for agricultural subsidy on EU agricultrual 'Setaside' program.

December 1993-March 1994 UK

Employed by SERCo Limited for the Defence Research Agency (now DERA) of the UK Ministry of Defence as Consultant on value of satellite technology and imagery. We made a comprehensive report on the position at that time.

1975 (1 month), 1989 (April-May) JORDAN

Consultant (1975) to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) on land system survey and (1989) to Hunting Technical Services Limited on the soil and land mapping project of the country using satellite imagery.

August 1988- April 1989 LIBYA

Consultant to Nigel Press Associates on the interpretation of satellite imagery for road alignment in Libya; and to Minster Agriculture Limited, subcontractors to Brown & Root (UK) Limited as consultant on soil irrigability on Libya's "Great Man-Made River Project." Recommended areas for irrigation.

1986 (1 month) ETHIOPIA

Consultant & Member of 3-man FAO/Ethiopian Government Evaluation Mission on the national "Land Use Planning Project." We made comprehensive recommendations on ways of developing the project.

1979, 1986, 1989 (1 month on each occasion) CHINA

Teaching applications of remote sensing to soil research and land development a the UN/FAO Seminar on Remote Sensing at Beijing 1979; on "FAO/Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region National Training Course on Land Use and Land Use Potential Mapping Using Remote Sensing" in Lhasa 1986; visiting professor at Peking and Nanjing Universities 1989. On both projects instructed in latest methods of land evaluation and the applications of satellite imagery to them.

1983-5 (an aggregate period of 2 months) SAUDI ARABIA

Consultant to Cobham Resource Consultants, Oxford on soil survey for wastewater reuse in Qassim Province.

June-August 1983 NAMIBIA

Consultant to FAO in charge of producing land use potential map of Namibia from satellite imagery at 1:4,000,000. All done at office in Rome.

1982 (1 month) YEMEN (PDR)

Consultant for FAO on "Applications of satellite remote sensing for land and water resources appraisal".

1981 (1 month) INDONESIA

Consultant to FAO on "The application of remote sensing to land resource evaluation with emphasis on the outer Islands", Bogor.


Consultant to FAO on applications of Landsat imagery to soil degradation mapping of the world, including 2 expert consultations.

1971-1976 AUSTRALIA (2 months), ARGENTINA (1 month)

Consultant to UK Department of Trade and Industry on the evaluation of Skylark Rocket imagery taken over Woomera, Australia, and Mercedes, Argentina.

1974 (1 month) IRAN

Consultant for APG Integrated Projects Limited (Booker Group), Reading, on soil investigations for the Eghlid Sugar Company.


Lecturer in Geography at Reading University. Main topics covered were soil science, terrain evaluation, resource assessment, and development of arid lands. Led University Expeditions to the Moroccan Sahara in 1969, 1971, 1972, 1972, and field classes supervising research projects in soils and land potential approximately annually in Morocco, Algeria, Spain, Tunisia, and/or southern Italy 1973-1984. Holder of research contracts for "studies of solution/deflation hollows in calcareous rocks in arid areas" for the Natural Environmental Research Council 1971-1774, and for studying the "validity of long-range predictions of properties of desert terrain" 1975-1976. Special responsibilities included administration of field classes, notably all in North Africa and a number in Europe and UK; was on management committee for University of Reading Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Centre 1979-1982.


Research Fellow on desert terrain evaluation at the Cambridge University School of Agriculture. This included field work in the USA and the technical direction and leadership of expeditions to Libya, Socotra, Abdul Kuri, Bahrein and the United Arab Emirates.

Sept 1959-June 1961 PAKISTAN

Team leader for Hunting Technical Services Limited on Lower Indus Project for 12 months on soil survey for reclamation of salty and waterlogged areas and for 5 months on well-logging using spontaneous potential, point resistivity, and long and short multiple electrode logging methods to determine aquifers and the salinity of groundwater to 150 metres; advised on tube well planning.

1962 (1 month) TANZANIA

Soil surveyor for Hunting Technical Services Limited on Pangani Valley Development Project.

Sept 1956-May 1963, 1984 (2 months) IRAQ

Team leader for Hunting Technical Services Limited for soil and drainage surveys and land evaluation in:

Lower Diyala area 1956-7

Middle Diyala area 1957

Middle Tigris area 1957-8

Kirkuk area 1958-9

Mandali-Badrah area 1962 & 1965.

Consultant to FAO on land system survey of northern Iraq to accompanuy snow resouces survey, 1984.

1957 (1 month) KENYA

Soil surveyor for Hunting Technical Services Limited on Lodwar Flood Irrigation Soil Survey for Mau Mau resettlement.

April-June1956 SCOTLAND

Assistant to Scottish Soil Survey in Ayrshire.

Oct 1952-April 1955, Oct 1962-April 1963, 1973 (1 month) SUDAN

Soil surveyor for Sudan Government. This included soil surveys in Northern Province: Atbara and Merowe-Kerma areas; Blue Nile Province: Western Gezira for Manaqil Extension and proposed pump schemes at Er Renk, Zuleit, and Jebelein; Kassala Province: Atbara River Diversion Scheme for resettlement of Wadi Halfa population; Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal Provinces: local reconnaissances; Equatoria Province: soil surveys at Yambio, Yei, Lafon, and Keripi, 1952-5.

Team leader and business manager for Hunting Technical Services Limited on soil survey for Roseires dam development scheme 1962-3.

Consultant to FAO on applications of remote sensing to Sudan Savannah Project, 1973.

Languages: French - working knowledge, Arabic and German - basic.

Faith and Science: Dr Mitchell has been involved in lecturing and writing on the relationship between science and Christian faith for about 30 years, with special emphasis on the creation/evolution issue. This has included a number of articles in church papers and the book The Case for Creationism, first published by the Stanborough Press in 1994.



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Journal articles and reports

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1980-1989 Letters in Remote Sensing Society News and Letters, mainly on remote sensing topics to do with arid zone.

1970-1998. Articles on the creation/evolution issue in Seventh-Day Adventist journals


Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) with Institute of British Geographers

Honorary Fellow of Remote Sensing Society (FRSSoc) (ex-Treasurer, ex-Vice Chairman, ex-International Affairs Secretary)

Former member of various Soil Science and Tropical Agriculture societies and professional groups.