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These are some of the Web sites on the nature and extent of the Armenian genocide. | Armenian Genocide Video Clips/Flash Presentations
The Genocide Education Project offers educators new lesson plan

Must See!: Armenian Genocide Video Clips/Flash Presentations

ABC World News : The Forgotten Genocide - watch
Armenia : Genocide Denied - watch
Back To Ararat : A Forgotten Genocide - watch
BBC News : Armenia - The Betrayed - watch
Discovering My Father's Village : Edincik - watch
Dr. Taner Akcam Interview - watch
Germany and the Secret Genocide - watch
Hidden Armenians in Turkey - watch
I Hate Dogs : The Last Survivor - watch
Innocents Betrayed : Calculated Genocide - watch
iWitness : The Genocide Project - watch
Lecture by Prof. Vahakn Dadrian - watch
Screamers : Turkish Denial - watch
The Armenian Genocide & Exploring The Issues - watch
TIME Europe Magazine : The Armenian Genocide - watch
Turkey : Facing up to the Past - watch
Twenty Voices : The Events - watch
Voices - watch
Voices from the Lake: The Secret Genocide - watch

WORLDWIDE Armenian Genocide Commemoration Events more information

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Other important references online:

The Armenian National Institute

Armenian Genocide Museum

A carefully done graphics-intensive multilingual site.

Posters and political issues that we should not forget

These abundant news reports are excellent documentation of the Armenian Genocide.

History of Armenia website

How the genocide affected my family

U.S. Government acknowledges genocide of Armenians

A graphic description of the extent of Genocide

An in-depth look at Armenian culture in Eastern Turkey

Armenian National Institute with informative and detailed genocide research section

University of Memphis Genocide site

Worldwide Genocide Watch

Another Armenian Genocide site with numerous links

Fact sheet from U. Michigan

A compelling account

Another informative account

Emphasizes the need to inform

Detroit Free Press

A PBS site on WWI

A site dedicated to exposing atrocities in Turkey

A Spanish language site, with links to other information in spanish

A German language site, with links to other information in german

A Russian language site, with links to other information in russian