Who Are We?

Lee Spencer

Lee A. Spencer (Click for full C.V.)

Ph.D. Loma Linda University 1987

Vertebrate Paleontology

General Interests

Lee Spencerís interests include Cenozoic mammalian biochronology, Mesozoic taphonomy and paleobiology, and Flood modeling. He is working on a textbook for comparative vertebrate anatomy and is a member of a team working on the historical geology of North America from a creationistís point of view.


Current Research

Current research activities include taphonomy of a Late Cretaceous bone bed in the Lance Formation and dinosaur eggshell morphology from Argentina

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Photo: Dinosaur (sauropod) eggs (Upper Cretaceous Rio Negro Formation, Patagonia)

Selected Publications and Professional Papers

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2001 ____ and E. Kennedy. Potentially false interpretations of dinosaur nests and nesting, with an example from the Allen Formation, Patagonia, Argentina. PaleoBios, 21, Supplement to Number 2:119

2000. Turner, L. E., A. V. Chadwick, and ____.High resolution GPS mapping in a vertebrate taphonomic quarry. Geological Society of America. Abstracts with Program 32:A499.

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1981. Archeogastropoda from the Pliocene Imperial Formation of California. Journal of Paleontology 55(5):1123 - 1136.


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