Qualifications and Experience

Tom Zoutwelle, Doctoral

Sedimentology, Paleobotany


1986, Doctorandus Biology, State University Utrecht

Major subject: Paleobotany (Laboratory of Palynology and Paleobotany, Systematic Botany Division, Faculty of Biology, State University Utrecht)
Major subject: Sedimentology (Comparative Sedimentology Division, Institute of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Geology, State University Utrecht)
Subsidiary minor: Didactics Biology (Educational Institute, State University Utrecht)


Director of Creaton Study Centre, P.O.Box 309 3940 AH Doorn The Netherlands

Lecturer at the Evangelical Highschool Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Research Fellow of Geoscience Research Institute


1985. Sedimentological Basin Analysis of the Sobrabe Basin Pyrenees Spain. Doctoral Thesis, State University Utrecht, Faculty of Earth Sciences, The Netherlands.

1984. Paleobotanical investigation of the carboniferous Reisbach Flora Germany. Doctoral Thesis, State University Utrecht, Faculty of Biology, The Netherlands.