The Bible and Science

What is the role of faith in considering questions of origins?
How do the Bible and science mix? If we use God to save us from all our theological/scientific problems by creating or fixing whatever the problem is, then why do we need science at all?
Do you think that the flood that is in The Epic of Gilgamesh is an account of the Noah's flood or vice versa. If Genesis is the beginning of time then how could Gilgamesh be before that? I think he had to have come after the Tower of Babel.
If faith is so needed in every day life, why faith in God so difficult for so many of us?
If the Bible is inspired, why does it say that rabbits chew their cud?
Why are you so afraid of the truth that you conceal your true misson behind screens of subterfuge? Does god really need your prestidigitation and pretense?
How do you reconcile the two versions of the creation of Adam in Genesis 1 and 2?
Isn't it true that the Church suppressed science that opposed its views in the case of Galileo and Copernicus?
Wasn't Einstein, probably the most intelligent individual of the past century, an atheist?
I have heard that evolution and God are compatible. Aren't evolution and God compatible? Many authors assert this.
Ó 2010 Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D.